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Mashed Potato Casserole Mashed Potato Casserole By Bookcase Foodie 03/04/12 06:47 Paula Deen is known for her Buttah and fattening and unhealthy recipes. Despite this, she is one good cook and her recipes are worth following with a few changes. Although now, with her medical diagnosis, hopefully changes will be … Continue reading →
Roasted Chickpeas Roasted Chickpeas By Bookcase Foodie 03/23/12 21:32 This is a great snack or a side dish for dinner or lunch. It is easy to make, needs little in terms of ingredients and it is scrumptious. I took it out of the oven and started popping these, … Continue reading →
Mexican Egg Cups Mexican Egg Cups By Bookcase Foodie 03/01/12 19:48 I love egg dishes made in separate serving pieces. I spend time, experimenting with different combinations. One of my favorites is with potatoes and a white cheese. I have made these with other than eggs such as mac and cheese. … Continue reading →
Spinach Potato Tostados Spinach Potato Tostados By Bookcase Foodie 01/31/12 02:18 As I mentioned, I had my hesitation about Guy Fieri’s recipes but I am excited about them. What I was afraid of was that I would have trouble converting them to kosher and gluten-free recipes and that seems to be … Continue reading →
Pan Roasted Sausage and Vegetables Pan Roasted Sausage and Vegetables By Bookcase Foodie 03/08/12 23:15 I may not be a meat eater, but don’t tempt me with sausage. Granted, this is turkey sausage but, in my innocence, I can’t tell the difference between the beef sausage and the turkey sausage. I think, it is due … Continue reading →
Lemon Chicken Breasts and Roasted Veggies – Ina Lemon Chicken Breasts and Roasted Veggies – Ina By Bookcase Foodie 11/29/11 02:49 I have had much success with Ina Garten’s recipes. I have learned to cut back on the fat in the recipes, probably making Ina’s tastier and mine, hopefully healthier. Lemon Chicken Breasts adapted Makes 4 servings Ingredients: 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive...
Potato Knishes Potato Knishes By Bookcase Foodie 03/26/12 18:08 As a Brooklyn girl, I grew up on knishes, especially potato knishes. We knew hole in the wall places that had the very best knishes. What, I never have had, is a knish made with an egg roll wrapper … Continue reading →
Brownie Cupcakes Brownie Cupcakes By Bookcase Foodie 03/08/12 03:16 I have been doing a lot of baking and trying to keep it varied. I am baking for my class and one boy asked me to make cupcakes and brownies. I solved the problem by making these. I think, he … Continue reading →
Creamy Cheesy Potato Soup Creamy Cheesy Potato Soup By Bookcase Foodie 01/06/12 04:35 I have been making potato soup for quite a while. Potato soup is the ultimate comfort soup, rich and creamy. I decided to add cream cheese to my recipe. Since, I have made mac and cheese and put a little … Continue reading →
Creamy Spinach and Sweet Pea Soup Creamy Spinach and Sweet Pea Soup By Bookcase Foodie 01/03/12 03:39 This is a soup, I found in the Hadassah Cookbook. I could not imagine how spinach and peas would work together. I knew spinach would be dominant but had a feeling, flavor was not going to be big. I was … Continue reading →
Roasted Cauliflower – Pioneer Woman Roasted Cauliflower – Pioneer Woman By Bookcase Foodie 06/06/12 05:15 When I began this blog, my stress was on cookbooks, magazines, foodie blogs and food websites. Although, most of my recipes have come from different sources, I think I have fallen short in reviewing books and magazines. I am blessed … Continue reading →...
Tandoori Chicken Burgers Tandoori Chicken Burgers By Bookcase Foodie 05/03/12 04:11 Since I have started blogging, my cooking vocabulary has grown, slowly but surely. I have made some major mistakes because of my ignorance of a word but I have overcome that. I have also stopped being embarrassed when I make … Continue reading →
Passover Turkey Meatballs in Carrot Sauce Passover Turkey Meatballs in Carrot Sauce By Bookcase Foodie 04/06/12 01:36 I copied this recipe from My Sweet and Savory. I am fascinated by such a thing as carrot sauce and know I want to make it. I wish, I had seen this before I made sweet and sour meatballs. Cooking … Continue reading →
Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs – Ina Garten Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs – Ina Garten By Bookcase Foodie 03/09/12 21:34 I received Ina’s book, Barefoot Contessa – how easy is that, a few months ago and found many recipes that said, “make me.” I have made a few but the book got put away. It is definitely time to get … Continue reading →
Smoked Chicken Marinade Smoked Chicken Marinade By Bookcase Foodie 02/26/12 02:43 We have a smoker, we rarely use because it becomes a whole day production. I think, when we learn how to use it properly, it will find itself used more often. We used maple chips and frankly, I think, the … Continue reading →
Mideastern Roast Eggplant Mideastern Roast Eggplant By Bookcase Foodie 02/21/12 14:38 The more I make eggplant, the more I realize, how I like it when it is crispy or dry. I don’t enjoy wet eggplant or at least, not very much. The logical decision was to roast it, at a high … Continue reading →
Oven Roasted Spicy Potatoes Oven Roasted Spicy Potatoes By Bookcase Foodie 02/07/12 17:22 P-leasing O-utstanding T-asty A-dmirable T-errific O-ut-of-the-World POTATO —-Yes the potato which is plain in appearance, often dirty, drab in color but oh so powerful, in the pot, in the pan, in the oven and on the grill. Need I even … Continue reading...
4 c Cookies – chocolate, cinnamon, coffee and caramel 4 c Cookies – chocolate, cinnamon, coffee and caramel By Bookcase Foodie 01/22/12 06:23 I told a friend, I would make cookies for her daughter’s engagement party. I don’t make fancy, frosted cookies so I debated what I should make. I have been looking at old recipes that we liked. This is one of … Continue reading →
Maple Butter Blondie Dessert Maple Butter Blondie Dessert By Bookcase Foodie 01/01/12 23:19 There was a time that everyone called for brownies………well, they still do. We also hear the cheers for Blondies and I believe they are as beloved as Brownies. Funny, as a child, it was not brownies that I asked for. … Continue reading →

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