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Chicken and White Bean Chili Chicken and White Bean Chili By Five Little Chefs 10/03/12 08:00 After roasting two whole chickens and peeling the yummy meat off of it we had to figure out what to make with it all. I knew that wasn't going to be a hard task. We came across Chicken and...
Preserving the Harvest: Blanching and Freezing Green Beans Preserving the Harvest: Blanching and Freezing Green Beans By Five Little Chefs 08/03/12 08:00 We have discovered it is fun to not only learn to cook, but to also learn where foods come from and how to preserve them for later. We have dehydrated apricots, made jam and froze apricots for...
Southern Baked Beans Southern Baked Beans By Five Little Chefs 05/21/12 08:00 Last summer we went to my Aunt's ranch for a mini family reunion. One night we had a catered dinner where we ate some very delicious beans. My mom has tried duplicating the recipe. Paula Deen's Southern Baked Beans does not have all the same elements as...
Refried Beans Refried Beans By Five Little Chefs 05/18/12 08:00 Refried Beans is a staple in our home. I learned how to make them from my sisters in law, but there is something they do that makes them taste better then mine. Robert Irvine has a refried bean recipe Little Chef C wanted to try. She got the full approval...
Bacon-Wrapped Green Bean Bundles Bacon-Wrapped Green Bean Bundles By Five Little Chefs 04/13/12 08:00 Little Chef D did a wonderful job cutting off the ends of the beans. She used a steak knife because that is all she is able to use safely. She HAD to cut both ends off! While she was cutting she said, "Excellent, excellent I love it!" This was our first...
Southwestern Black Bean Salad Southwestern Black Bean Salad By Five Little Chefs 04/06/12 17:44 We have been browsing other food blogs and came across We love food blogs because they have pictures of the final product which is how my Little Chefs choose their recipes like Southwestern Black Bean Salad. The ingredients are very familiar...

Five Little Chefs

We are a family who decided to begin an experiment January 1, 2012. My Little Chefs are taking over the kitchen! They LOVE to help me cook! They LOVE to watch cooking shows! Why not let them cook with supervision? They choose the recipes and they execute the recipes. Whatever the result we all have the privilege of trying them! 99% of these recipes will be new and untested by my Little Chefs. We are about the process of making a recipe, not about sharing our favorite recipes.

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