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Sabodana/Sabakki Fryums Sabodana/Sabakki Fryums By Myindiarecipes 03/29/12 10:17 Sabudana Papad/Sabakki Sendige/Fryums is very easy to prepare, but you do need a hot sunny day to dry them. Once dried well in hot sun for 2 to 3 days you can store in air tight boxes and deep-fry whenever needed.
Holige/Obbattu Holige/Obbattu By Myindiarecipes 03/22/12 17:32 In Karnataka a special dish called obbattu or Holige, is prepared for ugadi. Ugadi thali is incomplete without holige/obattu which is the main attraction for this festival. Holiges are very thin and soft. It is a very time consuming process but it is quite...
Dantina Soppu Palya/Amarnath Leaves Fry Dantina Soppu Palya/Amarnath Leaves Fry By Myindiarecipes 03/19/12 07:51 Dantina Soppu Palya/Amarnath Leaves Fry a simple, very easy to preapre and nutritious side dish.
Hurali Kaayi Palya/ Beans Fry Hurali Kaayi Palya/ Beans Fry By Myindiarecipes 03/19/12 07:51 Hurali Kaayi Palya/ Beans Fry is a common dish prepared during all occasions in karnataka. Tastes very good with Rice and Rasam.
Rice Onion Fryums Rice Onion Fryums By Myindiarecipes 03/12/12 12:03 Olden days people used to make fryums/papads in summer season and use it in rainy season. Rice Onion Fryum taste like pakoda after frying.
Broken wheat Khara Pongal Broken wheat Khara Pongal By Myindiarecipes 03/08/12 15:17 Pongal is a healthy & tasty South Indian dish prepared with rice and moong dal, but this is slightly different. Here instead if rice i have used Broken wheat/Cracked wheat.
Thondekai palya/Tindora Sabzi Thondekai palya/Tindora Sabzi By Myindiarecipes 03/08/12 08:48 Thondekai palya, a simple, easy to prepare dish and also very ideal for chapati. Thondekai (Tindora, tindori, tindoori in hindi, Ivy gourd in English) is claimed that it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Therefore, Ivy Gourd is sometimes recommended for...
Top 50 Finalists - Scotch Brite Kitchen Queen Contest Bangalore Top 50 Finalists - Scotch Brite Kitchen Queen Contest Bangalore By Myindiarecipes 03/06/12 12:32 Proud to announce that we were one among the top 50 finalists out of 7000 participants of Scotch Brite Kitchen Queen Contest. GRAND FINALE was held at Royal orchid on March 5th 2012.
Akki Tari Kadabu/ Khara Kadabu Akki Tari Kadabu/ Khara Kadabu By Myindiarecipes 03/06/12 12:17 Akki Tari Kadabu - breakfast dish made with broken rice. A very simple and easy to preapare dish.
Gulab Jamun Gulab Jamun By Myindiarecipes 02/28/12 18:18 Gulab Jamuns are a popular sweet prepared all over India . SIMPLE & EASY Indian specialty. Calorie rich dessert is soft & fluffy which melts in the mouth with sugar syrup. Gulab Jamun can be enjoyed both hot as well as cold.
Capsicum Rotti Capsicum Rotti By Myindiarecipes 02/28/12 18:17 Usually we prepare Akki Rotti with Avarekalu, Onion, Carrot, etc., But Capsicum Rice Rotti is a different combination but tastes very good.
Mixed Vegetable Saagu Mixed Vegetable Saagu By Myindiarecipes 02/22/12 12:32 Saagu, a traditional dish of Karnataka is prepared with mixed vegetables like carrot, beans, potatoes, capsicim , cauliflower etc. It goes great with freshly made pooris, rava idli and chapati.
Hurali or Horsegram Bassaru and palya Hurali or Horsegram Bassaru and palya By Myindiarecipes 02/20/12 14:03 Hurali or horsegram is a very healthy bean which is rich in protein, has a unique flavor. Hurali saaru tastes awesome and is my all time favorite rasam.
Rava Idli Rava Idli By Myindiarecipes 02/20/12 13:04 Rava idli is one of the best breakfast recipes. Rava idlis hardly need any preparation unlike usual idlis where the batter needs to be fermented and need some preparation work.
Hurali kalu Dosa / Horsegram Dosa Hurali kalu Dosa / Horsegram Dosa By Myindiarecipes 02/16/12 12:02 Hurali kalu or Horse gram is a very healthy bean which is rich in protein. Horsegram dosa is very tasty, try this interesting recipe ...
Lime juice gojju / Nimbe Hannina Gojju Lime juice gojju / Nimbe Hannina Gojju By Myindiarecipes 02/13/12 13:02 Lime juice gojju / Nimbe Hannina Gojju is one of the spicy, tangy and easiest gojju which you can prepare in minutes.
Jolada Roti or Jowar Roti Jolada Roti or Jowar Roti By Myindiarecipes 02/10/12 08:02 Jolada roti or Jowar roti or Bhaakri is prepared with no oil and fat and hence the healthiest roti. Any Chutney or spicy curries goes well with this roti. Yenne Badanekayi Palya taste great with this roti.
Betel leaf bonda Betel leaf bonda By Myindiarecipes 02/09/12 09:32 Bonda/bajji is a very tasty crispy snack prepared in minutes in Karnataka. I tried using betel leaf to prepare bonda/bajji. Betel leaf bonda a unique recipe, very crispy and tasty bonda.... Just try and you will surely like this.
Khara Dosa Khara Dosa By Myindiarecipes 02/09/12 09:32 This is an easy and little bit different dosa. I learnt this from my aunt (Sakku aunty). It will be crispy and very spicy too. A nice variation from normal dosas. You can serve this Dosa without any chutney or sambar. My daughter has named this as Kodubale...
Chocolate MilkShake Chocolate MilkShake By Myindiarecipes 01/25/12 13:17 A chocolate milkshake recipe is a delicious treat. Simple and tasty chocolate milkshake is most loved by kids.


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