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{1} Aachener Printen {1} Aachener Printen By LondonEats 11/14/11 22:47 Why does this post start with a number? Well, it has reached that time of year again…Christmas is around the corner, and this year I’ve decided to take on the challenge of making the “12 goodies of Christmas”. I’ve veered … Continue reading →
Scottish food: Shortbread, the National Biscuit Scottish food: Shortbread, the National Biscuit By LondonEats 01/24/11 21:29 Ah, tomorrow is 25 January, Burns Night! To mark the event, what could be more fitting than the classic Scottish biscuit, shortbread? Just butter, sugar and flour, but combined and baked, they turn into something meltingly delicious, buttery, sweet and...
Scottish Food: Smiddy Dumpling Scottish Food: Smiddy Dumpling By LondonEats 07/24/11 23:30 Today we are revisiting Scotland’s culinary heritage again. This is a recipe sent to me by my friend Sarah (who previously very kindly shared a family recipe for Belgian Loaf). It has come via her family located north of Inverness, … Continue reading →...
Boterkoek (Dutch Butter Cake) for Koninginnedag Boterkoek (Dutch Butter Cake) for Koninginnedag By LondonEats 04/30/11 09:45 Whew! We’ve just had all the excitement of the Royal Wedding in London (congrats to Wills and Kate!), so now we look across the water to the Netherlands. Yes, we are celebrating Koninginnedag, the official birthday of Queen Beatrix. And … Continue reading...
{12} Festive Ecclefechan Butter Tarts {12} Festive Ecclefechan Butter Tarts By LondonEats 12/27/13 14:23 Merry Christmas to everyone! Here is the final instalment of my 2013 festive baking marathon. I had intended to get them all done by Christmas Eve, but the social whirl, preparing for Christmas day and need to spend a fair … Continue reading →
Labneh Labneh By LondonEats 01/26/12 21:59 I love cheese. Show me a groaning cheeseboard, it’s hard to resist the urge to pick, pick, pick. Cheddar, Stilton, Wensleyday, Manchego, Comté (darn, that Comté!), Brie…you name it, I love it. What I have not really done much of … Continue reading →
Good Morning! Buckwheat Pancakes Good Morning! Buckwheat Pancakes By LondonEats 09/01/11 00:23 I’ve had a bit of a thing for buckwheat for a while. It’s a versatile little grain that lends itself to being used whole in salads, but it also makes for delicious pancakes, and these are they. So this is … Continue reading →
Marvposteier (Norwegian Almond Tarts) Marvposteier (Norwegian Almond Tarts) By LondonEats 05/16/11 13:57 Hey hey, it’s almost the 17th May – and that’s Norwegian National Day. It’s on this day that the people of Norway like to let you know that they are very, very proud of being Norwegian, rather than Swedish or … Continue reading →
Oh, mon amour! Macarons à la framboise Oh, mon amour! Macarons à la framboise By LondonEats 02/11/11 10:51 You remember I said that I wanted to something a little bit different for Valentine’s Day? Well, I did it with the beetroot risotto, so now let’s balance that by going all traditional. I whipped up a batch of very … Continue reading →
Split Pea and Lentil Soup Split Pea and Lentil Soup By LondonEats 05/26/11 18:34 Oh, we had a shocker of a cold day recently. It has been great – warm and sunny – then wham! It gets nippy and you remember the unpredictability of living in London. So…I rooted around in the cupboard and … Continue reading →
Orange and Yuzu Teacakes Orange and Yuzu Teacakes By LondonEats 03/23/14 22:34 Three years ago, I was at the Christmas market on Place Sainte-Catherine in Brussels. It was the sort of place where you easily go overboard on all that mulled wine and the naughty festive sweets and fried food. On top … Continue reading →
Recipe Challenge: White Christmas Recipe Challenge: White Christmas By LondonEats 12/05/11 12:03 We all love a good challenge! So here is a chance to try one! I am one of the judges in the December Challenge at Very Good Recipes where the theme is “White Christmas”. To kick things off, all the … Continue reading →
Pistachio and Honey Baklava Pistachio and Honey Baklava By LondonEats 10/14/11 11:53 At the weekend, there was a very special celebration lunch. It was in honour of one of my friends, who was awarded an OBE, and we were round at her house to enjoy good food and great company. We also got … Continue reading →
Dammsugare Dammsugare By LondonEats 08/22/11 22:26 Dammsugare. It’s Swedish for “vacuum cleaner”. Really, over in Sweden, in old Stockholm town, they really do have a cake named after a household appliance. Unsurprisingly, there are a couple of theories about how these things came to have such … Continue...
London Currant Tart London Currant Tart By LondonEats 06/16/11 09:50 A while ago, I did a post about Scotland’s famous Ecclefechan Butter Tart. Today, I’ve done a bit of a variation on a theme. In place of the mixed dried fruit and nuts, it’s just currants, currants, currants, all enrobed in … Continue reading →
Oh, mon amour! Risotto aux betteraves rouges Oh, mon amour! Risotto aux betteraves rouges By LondonEats 02/08/11 15:39 Ah, ’tis nearly Valentine’s day! Blink, and you might miss it. Seem like only yesterday that all the Christmas decorations were up(*) but the local stores are already awash with chocolate Easter eggs. I am constantly amused how you can … Continue reading...
Scottish food: Oatcakes Scottish food: Oatcakes By LondonEats 01/21/11 12:33 Do you do superfoods? Every week, it seems like there is something that we should all be eating by the bucket-load to ensure we are all in tip-top-shape. Blueberries, spinach, grapefruit, pumpkin seeds, wheatgrass, cranberries, magic hocus-pocus desert...
Broad Bean Salad Broad Bean Salad By LondonEats 08/18/14 00:09 I recently started getting a vegetable box delivered. I know, does seem terribly lazy, but I was spurred on by the realisation that there were really not enough greens (and of course other colours of veg) in my fridge. Pasta … Continue reading →
{5} Lussekatter {5} Lussekatter By LondonEats 12/10/11 00:49 On the fifth day of Christmas…this cook began to make…Swedish saffron buns! (Sing it to the theme of the Twelve Days of Christmas – it works!) Lussekatter are typically eaten in Sweden for St Lucia on 13 December. This is … Continue reading →
Scottish Food: Macaroon Bars Scottish Food: Macaroon Bars By LondonEats 10/23/11 22:28 The elegant arcades of Paris are dotted with pâtisseries selling dainty maracons in vibrant colours and all manner of exotic flavours. All very sophisticated and famous the world over. Well, today I present one of Scotland’s national sweets: the macaroon...


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