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Iraqi and Sudanese cooking classes as well Iraqi and Sudanese cooking classes as well By Veena's Market Blog 07/12/13 04:05 At Veena’s Market, we love so many cuisines! I just shared the South Indian cooking class in a previous post. Here are two more really cool opportunities! Project Feast’s pilot training sessions have been in full swing these last two … Continue reading...
Announcing a South Indian cooking class Announcing a South Indian cooking class By Veena's Market Blog 07/11/13 23:30 It’s been a bit quiet around Veena’s Market…this is because I’ve taken a break to start up a nonprofit called Project Feast. We work with refugees and immigrants in the Seattle area, offer basic training that helps them find jobs … Continue reading →
Burmese Cooking Class on March 16 Burmese Cooking Class on March 16 By Veena's Market Blog 03/13/13 06:26 It’s been a while since my last post! I’ve been REALLY busy getting an exciting nonprofit venture off the ground. This is a social enterprise called Project Feast that provides training and opportunities to refugees and immigrants in the food … Continue...
Burmese Goat Curry Burmese Goat Curry By Veena's Market Blog 01/25/13 19:25 Just before Christmas, I had the wonderful opportunity of being invited to a Burmese home for a cooking class and feast. Chef Aung Myo Min and his family are refugees from Burma / Myanmar. He was a chef at a … Continue reading →
Fall Colors on My Plate Fall Colors on My Plate By Veena's Market Blog 12/07/12 18:39 My focus this Fall has been to create simple, hearty and nourishing meals that I can make in large batches and eat leftovers for at least a couple of meals. I’m noticing a certain pattern emerge when I need to cook … Continue reading →
Thankful for Pumpkin Pie Thankful for Pumpkin Pie By Veena's Market Blog 11/27/12 04:15 Thanksgiving is over but that certainly does not mean that Pumpkin Pie season is over. This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and instead of turkey, made Fondue Chinoise, a holiday tradition in my husband’s family. This is a meat … Continue...
Beyond the Beaches in Hawaii Beyond the Beaches in Hawaii By Veena's Market Blog 11/20/12 03:41 Today, it’s pouring rain in Seattle. In fact it’s rained so much that we’ve set a new record and according to NPR, Nov 19th is officially the rainiest day of the year! I badly need a new pair of rain … Continue reading →
Squash Soup, South Indian Style Squash Soup, South Indian Style By Veena's Market Blog 11/08/12 19:17 I posted a squash soup with spicy tahini recipe just last week. And I’m following up with a variation of it. You see, that soup was inspired by a friend’s post. And while I was making that, my South Indian … Continue reading →
Squash and Pumpkin Soup with Garam Masala Spiced Tahini Squash and Pumpkin Soup with Garam Masala Spiced Tahini By Veena's Market Blog 11/01/12 18:12 I’ve been complaining about my food allergies on this blog these last few months! It’s definitely been a challenge to keep cooking traditional Indian dishes at home that I can blog about. With every new addition to my list of … Continue reading →
Upma with Pearl Millet Upma with Pearl Millet By Veena's Market Blog 10/17/12 00:07 This was one of those dishes I threw together in 10 minutes because I was hungry and had leftover cooked pearl millet. It was an unexpected treat. Famished as I was, I realized I should probably take a couple of … Continue reading →
Easy Eggplant Easy Eggplant By Veena's Market Blog 10/10/12 00:55 Alright, I’m just gonna say it. How can anyone not like eggplant?!?! My favorite thing to make with eggplant is my mom’s South Indian style curry with coconut. And one of the dishes I’d love to get right one of … Continue reading →
Sambhar – South Indian Lentil Curry Sambhar – South Indian Lentil Curry By Veena's Market Blog 10/02/12 02:31 Do you have food allergies or intolerances? When you first hear about them, you feel really sad to have to cut out something you love to eat. And you wonder how you can do without. Well, I think when you … Continue reading →
Raghu Dixit – India’s Rising Star Raghu Dixit – India’s Rising Star By Veena's Market Blog 09/27/12 01:42 A couple of weeks ago, Raghu Dixit, an upcoming Indian music star was on tour in Seattle. I’d never heard of him (I must admit that I’m pretty dense about any music scene) but my friend Susan had. I went … Continue reading →
Baingan Ka Bharta Baingan Ka Bharta By Veena's Market Blog 09/15/12 03:53 As summer draws to a close and the days shorten, I’m sometimes at a loss as to what I want to eat. Something cooling or something warming? Something light or comfort food? In a few more weeks, this won’t be … Continue reading →
How to Make Saag Paneer How to Make Saag Paneer By Veena's Market Blog 08/30/12 03:04 Saag Paneer has got to be one of the most popular dishes in Indian restaurants! I helped my friends produce this video for Allercipes on how to make authentic saag paneer. Don’t want to round up all the spices yourself? … Continue reading →
Curried Turnips and Cauliflower Curried Turnips and Cauliflower By Veena's Market Blog 08/28/12 01:12 October 24th is National Food Day, a celebration of sustainable, healthy and more affordable food for all. Food Day was started as a movement to get America to eat better, to eat real food. Since eating is such a social … Continue reading →
A Friend at First Bite A Friend at First Bite By Veena's Market Blog 08/16/12 19:42 It usually takes years to become really good friends with someone. But every once in a blue moon, you meet someone who Just Is A Friend. It’s like falling in friendship. They might be much younger or older or dissimilar … Continue reading →
Gluten Free Upma Gluten Free Upma By Veena's Market Blog 07/31/12 01:52 Back when I wrote the post on Upma – South Indian Soul Food, I didn’t have to worry about gluten. Upma is made from semolina, a durum wheat product. In the last few months, I’ve made upma with broken rice … Continue reading →
My Trip to India My Trip to India By Veena's Market Blog 07/24/12 02:29 So many travel to India to discover themselves through meditation. I was born in India and didn’t leave till I was 17. As some of you may remember, I went to India last December and discovery or rather re-discovery, especially … Continue reading →
Meet My Herb Garden Meet My Herb Garden By Veena's Market Blog 07/20/12 00:51 There is supposedly a green thumb gene that runs through my mom’s family. My grandmother’s garden used to be full of fruit trees, roses and different flowers every year. That garden bears witness to many childhood memories. We spent many … Continue reading...

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