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Teriyaki Salmon Bowl Teriyaki Salmon Bowl By Just As Delish 11/20/14 03:00 Preparation: 10 min - Cooking: 20 min Easy weekday meal of teriyaki salmon, steamed bok choy and egg rice bowl. Fish appears often on my weekly meal, mostly local fish like mackerel, sea bass, sardines and red snapper. About once a month, salmon is my treat as … Continue reading →
Multigrain Miso Porridge Multigrain Miso Porridge By Just As Delish 11/12/14 04:00 Cooking: 30 min Easy hearty one-pot comfort meal packed with good-for-you multi-grains and enzyme-rich miso There’s something comforting about a bowl of piping hot porridge, even on hot days. On days when I’m under the weather, tired, or just do not feel like … Continue...
Buying Spices: What You Should Know Buying Spices: What You Should Know By Just As Delish 11/05/14 11:57 Most people talk about how to incorporate the right type of spices in their cooking or the spices’ health benefits. Before learning how to cook well with spices, it is more important to learn how to source and purchase fresh, … Continue reading →
Thai-Style Kelp Noodle Salad Thai-Style Kelp Noodle Salad By Just As Delish 11/01/14 04:00 Preparation: 10 min - Cooking: 5 min Hot, spicy and sour Thai-Style Kelp Noodle Salad, with crunchy cashew, fresh salads and juicy seafood. Every bite bursting with flavour and texture. I first heard about Kelp noodles from my raw food teacher Daniw Arrazola. It was the ‘noodle’ ingredient...
Spicy Pumpkin Soup Spicy Pumpkin Soup By Just As Delish 10/17/14 05:00 Preparation: 5 min - Cooking: 10 min Easy and healthy creamy Spicy Pumpkin Soup, that’s bold and rich with Asian flavours. This Spicy Pumpkin Soup is one of recipes that I teach in my class and demonstration. Most pumpkin soup recipes are loaded with cream, but this … Continue reading →
Vegetarian Buckwheat Pancake Pizza Vegetarian Buckwheat Pancake Pizza By Just As Delish 10/11/14 04:00 Preparation: 10 min - Cooking: 10 min A nutty earthy pancake pizza filled with goodness It might seem strange to some, but I don’t miss any food made with wheat. This would be an utterly absurd thought when I was first told by my naturopath 3 years ago to … Continue reading →
10 Must Follow Real Food Blogs 10 Must Follow Real Food Blogs By Just As Delish 10/03/14 13:01 With so many food blogs out there, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate through the Internet to find which sites are legitly healthy and which ones are just kinda.. not so much. Here at Just As Delish, we look … Continue reading →
Miso Oatmeal Miso Oatmeal By Just As Delish 09/23/14 05:00 Preparation: 5 min - Cooking: 2 min Hearty, savoury oatmeal with miso to start your day Most of us associate oats as sweet breakfast – banana oats or granola. Not many are aware that there are many great savory oatmeal recipes and I hope you’ll try one … Continue reading →
Pan-fried Honey Lemon Chicken Pan-fried Honey Lemon Chicken By Just As Delish 09/18/14 11:54 Preparation: 5 min - Cooking: 10 min Pan-fried honey lemon chicken – delicious, easy & healthy weekday meal Honey chicken is apparently a very popular Chinese restaurant dish in the West, as well as a popular take-out meal. Another similar chicken recipe created by the West is … Continue reading...
Green Mango with Fish Sauce Green Mango with Fish Sauce By Just As Delish 09/12/14 06:14 Preparation: 5 min An explosion in your mouth with spicy, sweet, salty and sourish mango snack Being a fruit fiend, I would feel strange if I don’t get my daily dose of fruits. Though I can’t quite remember how I got through a whole … Continue reading →
Roasted Broccoli Salad Roasted Broccoli Salad By Just As Delish 09/06/14 05:00 Preparation: 5 min - Cooking: 20 min Roasted broccoli salad tossed with mustard vinaigrette. You might never want to eat broccoli cooked any other way again. I have yet to come across any kids that ask for broccoli. Definitely not the ones I know. Most of the … Continue reading →
Three Cup Chicken (San Bei Ji 三杯鸡) Three Cup Chicken (San Bei Ji 三杯鸡) By Just As Delish 08/30/14 05:00 Preparation: 2 min - Cooking: 15 min Finger-licking braised chicken in sesame oil, rice wine and soy sauce with Thai basil I’ve returned from my long vacation, gleeful to find my edible plants have thrived under CM’s (my elder sis) care. She’s indeed a great plantsitter this time, … Continue...
Spiced Quinoa Cakes Spiced Quinoa Cakes By Just As Delish 08/28/14 05:00 Preparation: 10 min - Cooking: 10 min Crispy Spiced Quinoa Cakes – great as snack with a squeeze of lemon juice or addition to any meal After my 2-week Fruit and Veggie Cleanse, I’ve been finding ways to increase my overall vegetable intake. What more do I need … Continue reading →
Very Berry Power Smoothie Very Berry Power Smoothie By Just As Delish 08/20/14 05:00 Preparation: 5 min Power packed smoothie with beautiful summer berries, chia seed & hemp seed I am indeed very blessed for the chance to visit some amazing European cities recently – Barcelona Spain, Paris France, Bruges Belgium and a couple of cities in the … Continue reading...
Fenugreek Tea & Benefits Fenugreek Tea & Benefits By Just As Delish 08/16/14 04:00 Preparation: 3 min Mildly sweet & nutty Fenugreek Tea – a traditional remedy that helps from digestion to blood chemical imbalance A recent conversation on G+ started with Dane Finely about replacing one of the daily cups of coffee with drinking tea. Dane’s post was a gentle...
Baked Salmon Packets with Vegetables Baked Salmon Packets with Vegetables By Just As Delish 08/05/14 05:00 Preparation: 5 min - Cooking: 20 min A no-fuss, super easy salmon & vegetables dish, that’s gently steamed in packet for a tender and flavorful salmon. Sometimes I come across people who remind me of how I used to be. Recently I came across someone who said she likes cooking but … Continue...
Tapas Party & Rioja Wine – a Match Made in Heaven Tapas Party & Rioja Wine – a Match Made in Heaven By Just As Delish 07/31/14 04:00 Preparation: 15 min - Cooking: 1h This post is sponsored by Honest Cooking and the beautiful Spanish Rioja Wine. If you want a chance to win a delicious wine dinner from Rioja Wines, then click on the banner for more information. When hosting a dinner party, who … Continue reading →
Spanish Garlic Shrimp & Catalan Style Spinach Spanish Garlic Shrimp & Catalan Style Spinach By Just As Delish 07/29/14 05:00 Preparation: 10 min - Cooking: 8 min Spanish Garlic Shrimp – one of the most popular and classic tapas, served as a main with a side dish of classic Catalan Style Spinach with pine nuts, apple and raisins. I have a problem. After every vacation, my body is … Continue reading →
Grilled Plantains Grilled Plantains By Just As Delish 07/25/14 05:00 Preparation: 1 min - Cooking: 9 min Caramelised grilled plantain with a dab of butter & brown sugar. So easy & DAMN DELICIOUS The first time I tasted the delicious plantain was in a Suriname shop in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (or commonly known as Holland). Bakabana is the … Continue reading...
Barcelona Vacation 2014 Barcelona Vacation 2014 By Just As Delish 07/18/14 14:06 With a short notice for an 8-day vacation, I was undecided where to go. Norbert chose Venice, I wanted somewhere more fun. Without even doing much research, I decided on Barcelona and we were lucky enough to get cheap tickets. … Continue reading →

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