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Rock On Rock On By LondonEats 06/19/11 22:17 If you grew up in Britain, then you surely remember rock buns? This is a recipe that I remember from years ago. It’s got a bit of a retro feel to it, but that fits right in to all the … Continue reading →
Holiday Time – the Island of Mallorca Holiday Time – the Island of Mallorca By LondonEats 05/04/11 22:15 Ah, we’re just finished what seemed like back-to-back public holidays, so of course, that meant that it was also time for a bit of a getaway. I left London behind (with the intention to return in time for the Royal … Continue reading →
Slovenska kuhinja! Pehtranova Potica Slovenska kuhinja! Pehtranova Potica By LondonEats 04/09/11 18:36 Živjo! If you are mystified, we’re heading to a country that has it all – scenic snow-capped mountains, verdant countryside, sunny Mediterranean coastline and a selection of beautiful towns and cities to tempt the visitor. Yup, it’s Slovenia, the only …...
Florentines Florentines By LondonEats 04/02/11 21:50 I have always loved florentines. I like the way they are mostly composed of all the “good bits” with a minimum of anything boring (like, oh, flour) to hold them together. They are, in turn, nutty, citrussy, fruity and chocolately, … Continue reading →
Spicy Mixed Bean Stew Spicy Mixed Bean Stew By LondonEats 03/19/11 20:30 I don’t cook very much using beans, which is odd given that they are tasty, I like them and they are very healthy. For example, I love the things Wahaca do with beans – their black bean and cheese quesadillas as … Continue reading →
Red Onion and Goat Cheese Crostini Red Onion and Goat Cheese Crostini By LondonEats 03/16/11 15:19 I posted a recipe for onion tartlets a couple of weeks ago, and today’s recipe is a bit of a variation on a theme. Red onions instead of white, and goat cheese instead of tangy cheddar. To make this really merit a … Continue reading →
Think Pink! Roasted Rhubarb Think Pink! Roasted Rhubarb By LondonEats 02/27/11 21:01 Look outside. You see the start of green shoots on the trees, the occasional crocus and a few daffodils starting to peek out from the earth. Is Spring here? Maybe, but rhubarb most certainly is. Those vivid red stalks are … Continue reading →
Cardamom, Lemon and Olive Oil Madeleines Cardamom, Lemon and Olive Oil Madeleines By LondonEats 02/20/11 14:30 It’s the latter part of February, but we still sit under those leaden skies and cold light. All quite conducive to staying in and potting around a nice warm house! This is a recipe that I came up with on … Continue reading →
Let’s make a Crunchie bar Let’s make a Crunchie bar By LondonEats 02/02/11 13:12 All this sugar…this really is not a good idea. Lucky that I am still keeping up the New Year fitness regime, and so this means that it is therefore a brilliant idea, provided that I exercise a bit to offset … Continue reading →
Candied Kumquats Candied Kumquats By LondonEats 01/30/11 16:57 I am a dreadfully compulsive shopper, notorious for seeing things that look interesting but without even the vaguest idea of what I will do with them, all in furtherance of some abstract aim of having a “well-stocked larder”. The most … Continue reading...
Scottish food: Clapshot (Potato & Swede Mash) Scottish food: Clapshot (Potato & Swede Mash) By LondonEats 01/18/11 20:44 To contrast with the very, very sweet tablet I posted a few days ago, clapshot is the polar opposite. Very simple and very savoury. Looking at the list of ingredients, I concede that it does not sound so very exciting, … Continue reading →
Kulich Kulich By LondonEats 04/23/14 23:58 Have you been able to enjoy some good weather recently? In the last few weeks, things seem to be warming up, and my garden is full of the joys of spring – the clematis is heavy with pale pink blooms, … Continue reading →
Drink More Gin Drink More Gin By LondonEats 04/07/14 23:50 Last autumn I got into making a few of my own fruit liqueurs. Flavours of the season like quince, damson, sloe and spiced pear. Each of them was delicious and well worth the patience required to let them sit and … Continue reading →
Pistachio Tuiles Pistachio Tuiles By LondonEats 04/03/14 23:57 I’m one of those bakers that likes to veer between madly complicated recipes and ridiculously simple bakes. Well, today I’ve had a bash at something that steers a nice line between both, using just a few simple ingredients that really … Continue reading...
Gingerbread Gingerbread By LondonEats 03/27/14 22:38 When I moved house, I vowed that I would have the sort of garden that you might see in one of the glossy magazines. Nothing incredibly elaborate mind you, but with a nicely-kept lawn, and strategically planted bushes heavy with … Continue reading →
Orange and Yuzu Teacakes Orange and Yuzu Teacakes By LondonEats 03/23/14 22:34 Three years ago, I was at the Christmas market on Place Sainte-Catherine in Brussels. It was the sort of place where you easily go overboard on all that mulled wine and the naughty festive sweets and fried food. On top … Continue reading →
Scottish Food: Empire Biscuits Scottish Food: Empire Biscuits By LondonEats 03/20/14 00:03 I’ve not done a post on something Scottish for a while, so time to change that. These are Empire Biscuits, which are made from two layers of shortbread, filled with jam and topped with sweet icing and a cherry on … Continue reading →
Badam Barfi (Indian Almond Fudge) Badam Barfi (Indian Almond Fudge) By LondonEats 03/13/14 22:36 Today I’m posting just about one of the most bling bling things ever to come out of my kitchen! After something of rather long blogging break (so my apologies to loyal readers who as wondering what on earth I’ve been … Continue reading →
Rava Kesari Rava Kesari By LondonEats 01/30/14 23:23 I’ve always found Indian sweets rather daunting. I put this down to the fact that I really do not eat them that often. When you go for Indian food, by the time you’ve filled up on rice, bread and delicious … Continue reading →
Papas Arrugadas Papas Arrugadas By LondonEats 01/28/14 00:01 I’ve had a bit of a blogging hiatus since Christmas, as things have been pretty hectic. Sure, it was a shock to they system to go back to work, but life also has a habit of throwing a few random … Continue reading →


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