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Pumpkin Seed Gnocchi Pumpkin Seed Gnocchi By LondonEats 06/09/13 23:44 I realise that I don’t feature as many savoury dishes here as I probably could, or indeed should. This is not because I live off only sweet things, but I find that savoury food is rather trickier to take pictures … Continue reading →
Fried Dates Fried Dates By LondonEats 05/30/13 23:54 I have what could be modestly described as a large collection of cookbooks, and like most people I go through cycles of using them. At the moment, I’m working my way through The Essential Madhur Jaffrey, which contains some fantastic … Continue reading...
Open Sesame Open Sesame By LondonEats 03/27/13 00:37 I tried my hand at Moroccan gazelle horn cookies recently, and one reader left a comment suggesting that they can also be made rather more easily with sesame seeds instead of the fiddly pastry way. I was intrigued and wanted … Continue reading →
Rhubarb & Custard Tarts Rhubarb & Custard Tarts By LondonEats 03/14/13 00:42 I was in the centre on the City last week, and there was a noticeable spring-like feeling in the air as I walked past St Paul’s Cathedral. Still rather fresh, but the smells of plants awakening from their winter slumber … Continue reading →
Cinnamon Buns for Busy People Cinnamon Buns for Busy People By LondonEats 02/24/13 22:59 I’m a mega fan of a good cinnamon bun (as well as their cardamom cousins). But much as I love to make buns using yeasted dough, but there is one problem – these are recipes that taste great when they’re … Continue reading →
{6} Springerle {6} Springerle By LondonEats 12/16/12 22:49 I’ve done a few posts recently that involve the magic powder of the kitchen, baker’s ammonia. It’s fun to use as it gives off a blast of ammonia fumes during baking (OK, not fun, but quite dramatic), and produces amazingly … Continue reading →
Sweet Potato Wedges Sweet Potato Wedges By LondonEats 10/02/12 00:57 Autumn is now with us. The mornings might be bright, but there is that unmistakable crispness in the air that signals things are about to get a lot “fresher” in the coming weeks, and the evenings are getting dark very … Continue reading →
Horchata de Chufa Horchata de Chufa By LondonEats 06/21/12 21:59 Valencia, in my dreams it always seems, I hear you softly call to me! Valencia, where the orange trees forever, Send the breeze beside the sea! Yes, that it the theme song of the Spanish coastal city of Valencia. I … Continue reading →
Utrechtse Spritsen Utrechtse Spritsen By LondonEats 06/18/12 21:30 I realised today that this is my 300th post! It sometimes seems like I’ve only just started this blog, but then I look back at all those posts and realise just how much I’ve done. You forget a recipe or … Continue reading →
Diamond Jubilee: Queen Cakes Diamond Jubilee: Queen Cakes By LondonEats 05/28/12 23:40 Today’s regal bake-fest involves dainty little morsels called Queen Cakes. In spite of their very grand-sounding name, they are actually rather simple, and they are the perfect addition to an afternoon tea spread or to serve at a street party. … Continue...
Kürbiskernaufstrich (Pumpkin Oil Spead) Kürbiskernaufstrich (Pumpkin Oil Spead) By LondonEats 05/07/12 23:32 Now that is a tongue twister! But more than that, it is something very simple and very delicious from Austria. We all know Vienna is famous for its cakes and pastries served in the grand cafés, but the region of … Continue reading →
Koninginnedag: Ontbijtkoek Koninginnedag: Ontbijtkoek By LondonEats 04/30/12 15:08 I’ve already featured a fancy recipe if you’re in the mood to celebrate Dutch Queen’s Day, so today I’ve gone to the other end of the spectrum and made something super-easy. It’s called ontbijtkoek which literally means “breakfast cake”. You … Continue...
Liebster Blog Award Liebster Blog Award By LondonEats 04/16/12 00:54 Oh, I’ve been a little bit naughty – so many ideas about things to blog about, but in the midst of all that, I’ve gotten a little behind on my comments. I really appreciate it when people comment, and I … Continue reading →
Kumquat Marmalade Kumquat Marmalade By LondonEats 03/25/12 23:18 My compulsive shopping habit struck again, and I bought a pound of kumquats. They always seem like such a good thing to buy, especially given that they are only around for what seem like a few weeks. It’s probably longer, … Continue reading →
Caraway Biscuits Caraway Biscuits By LondonEats 03/12/12 23:04 Many, many moons ago I saw a recipe by Heston Blumenthal as part of his “In Search of Perfection” series for making caraway biscuits. My firm intention to make these biscuits was triggered by my fondness for caraway. I think … Continue reading →
Welsh Cakes Welsh Cakes By LondonEats 02/24/12 00:11 I realised recently that I don’t know many recipes that originate in Wales. I’ve done English, Scottish, Irish…even Icelandic. But no Wales, as yet. So here you go – Welsh Cakes! In the interests of full disclosure, I have to … Continue reading →
Spicy Lentils with Mint and Goat Cheese Spicy Lentils with Mint and Goat Cheese By LondonEats 01/11/12 00:44 I’m still in the post-Christmas health kick phase. There has been lots of walking instead of taking the bus, “body attack” classes at the gym, and I’m still sticking with my attempt to cook lots of healthy dishes based on … Continue reading →
{9} Kerstkransjes {9} Kerstkransjes By LondonEats 12/17/11 22:31 Oh my…I remember when I embarked on my endeavour to do 12 festive goodies. It was the middle of November, I had loads of time and dozens of ideas. And, of course, I now realise that I didn’t know quite … Continue reading →
Halloween ii: Treacle Scones Halloween ii: Treacle Scones By LondonEats 10/30/11 20:38 Like anything Halloween-themed, there needs to be a sequel! So today, I’ve been thinking about Halloween traditions – what are yours? Dressing up as a cat, a skeleton, a sexy shepherdess (yes, I have seen “Little Ho Peep” offered in … Continue reading →...
What to do with windfall pears What to do with windfall pears By LondonEats 08/13/11 14:06 Last Saturday, I peeked out the window, and the lady downstairs said I could have a bag of windfall pears – if I wanted them. There were about five on the garden table, with an open offer to get as … Continue reading →


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