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How it works?

Listing your recipes on Very Good Recipes requires two easy steps: 1. Submit your blog, and 2. Add tags to your recipes.

1. Submit your blog

It only takes a few seconds to fill the submission form.

If you do not have an account on Very Good Recipes yet, you will be able to create a user account at the same time.

A few precisions:

Once you have submitted the form, your blog will be visited shortly so that it can be validated.

Important note: only personal blogs that publish original recipes with pictures will be accepted.

A link back to Very Good Recipes on your blog would be very appreciated! (for instance "My recipes are indexed on Very Good Recipes"). Once your submission has been validated, this link will directly lead to the page dedicated to your blog. Thank you very much!

Tags to cut and paste

You can use this form to easily get tags to cut and paste in your recipes.


When you are signed-in on the site, the form will also be available on the column of the main page of Very Good Recipes.

2. Add tags to your recipes

To list your recipes on more pages of Very Good Recipes, you can add one ore more tags (or keywords): the name of the dish, of the ingredients, of the type of cuisine etc.

To add a tag to a recipe, you only need to add a link to the page of the tag, somewhere in the text of the recipe (for instance in the list of ingredients, or at the bottom). For a chocolate cake recipe, you could use the following tags: Desserts, Cake, Chocolate

The corresponding URLs are,, You can easily obtain the tags to cut and paste with the form on the right.

Your recipe will then be listed on the front page of Very Good Recipes, the page dedicated to your blog, and the page of each of the tags.


Indexing of the recipes

Once your blog is validated, a robot will regularly visit your blog to list the recipes. You don't have anything else to do.

If you want to index recipes that you have already published, please add at least one tag to each of them and send me the list of their URLs so that I can send the robots to index them.

Do you have comments, questions or suggestions?

Don't hesitate to e-mail me to send me questions, comments or suggestions!


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