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Spicy South Florida Salsa Spicy South Florida Salsa By food and thrift 09/03/14 05:45 Hi everyone! I'm not trying to promote a product...but I must admit that I do love Tostitos Tortilla Chips, especially the new one which is infused with a 'hint of lime'! I've been away for another 2 weeks at obligations, and 'life in general'...
Spicy Chickpea Soup with Egg Noodles Spicy Chickpea Soup with Egg Noodles By food and thrift 02/09/14 00:24 Homemade Chickpea Soup, from 'scratch'...well, mostly!It's been almost a week now, since I last photographed the beautiful beach 'sunrise'. I just did not have the desire to even photograph anything I have cooked or baked. It takes time, effort, and either...
Spicy Red Bean Stew Spicy Red Bean Stew By food and thrift 05/11/12 20:42 Do you sometimes just browse through blogs, from other blogs, by just clicking over to a blog with s "shout-out?"...well, I do that quite a lot lately, and get so distracted with what I was originally set out to do. I was recently commenting on a blog...trying...
Spicy Thai Squid (Calamari) Salad Spicy Thai Squid (Calamari) Salad By food and thrift 03/21/12 18:39 When it comes to being sick, I'm the worst person that I know, and even; the worst "patient" that I know! My family can't stand to be around me, I'm so grouchy, irritable, and miserable! Yes, it's all true!...sad to say, but it is! Last Sunday, the day...
Hot-and Spicy Chickpea Cakes with Pico de Gallo...and Guest Post Hot-and Spicy Chickpea Cakes with Pico de Gallo...and Guest Post By food and thrift 01/31/12 15:18 I am so honored to guest post for my dear friend Swathi, @Zesty, South Indian Kitchen... who at this time, needs all the rest she can get. Glad to know she also has a few other blogger friends that will guest post for her, while she is recuperating. She...

food and thrift

"Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art.It requires instinct and tasterather than exact measurements."~ Marcel Boulestin

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