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Guinness, Pistachio & Walnut Bread Guinness, Pistachio & Walnut Bread By Cakes, Bakes and other bits 09/13/14 23:45 When visiting restaurants, you will often be offered a selection of breads, which invariably include a dark brown breads When they are presented at the table …. confession time… the first thing I do is have a taste and try … Continue reading →
Oatmeal Yeast Bread Oatmeal Yeast Bread By Cakes, Bakes and other bits 07/15/14 20:19 Experimenting when baking is not, if ever, recommended, but as they say (whoever they are..) sometimes the best recipes are invented from either mistakes, or just going with whatever you have, crossing your fingers, and trusting your luck (and your … Continue...
Beer + Bread = Beer Bread Beer + Bread = Beer Bread By Cakes, Bakes and other bits 04/09/12 18:06 I was reading through Paul Hollywood's book, "100 Great Breads", last week, and happened to mention on Twitter that I found some great recipes from it to try. However, my twitter-pal, Adrienne, was kind enough to alert me to the fact that there was a print...
 Half and Half  Spelt  Bread Rolls "Half and Half" Spelt Bread Rolls By Cakes, Bakes and other bits 01/23/12 14:58 I bought a pack of wholegrain Spelt flour a while back, and was not really sure where, or how to use it. However, with a bit of lateral thinking, I came to the conclusion that it could be substituted in any recipe which would lend itself to the nutty flavour...
Granny Ann's Brown Bread Granny Ann's Brown Bread By Cakes, Bakes and other bits 05/16/11 20:20 Everyone has their favourite Brown Bread recipe. Yes, they are similar, but each one is particular to your family, and the way you like to make it. This recipe is the one which Granny Ann uses all the time. She has made her bread in this way for a good...

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