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Very Easy Assam Prawn Very Easy Assam Prawn By Food playground 03/29/14 17:28 As mentioned, this is my first time as a host for LTU and the theme for this month is prawn. I personally like to eat prawn a lot and when I see so many appetizing dishes that link to this theme, I'm excited! And really want to try to cook some of them....
Little Thumbs Up: Prawn (March 2014) Little Thumbs Up: Prawn (March 2014) By Food playground 03/05/14 07:14 These are some of my home cooked prawn dishes: (from top: Assam prawn, prawn mee soup and prawn agile olio pasta. This is my first time acting as a host for Little Thumbs Up(sorry for posting one day late). And my theme for this month is prawn. Not sure...
Drunken Prawn 醉虾 Drunken Prawn 醉虾 By Food playground 04/25/12 18:21 That day I was craving for 醉虾, and I always have fresh prawns in my fridge, so I thought maybe I can try to cook this dish. I searched for a easy to adopt recipe and this is where I get my inspiration. I modified with the ingredients I had in my fridge....
Prawn Pancake Prawn Pancake By Food playground 12/13/11 04:29 Each time we go to Ding Tai Fong(鼎泰丰), we will order the prawn pancake. Recently saw a post by wokkingmum, she said that she likes to eat that too and shared her recipe. I get inspired and modified to this recipe: Ingredients: (serving for 2) 15 medium...
Rice Wine Prawns 烧酒虾 Rice Wine Prawns 烧酒虾 By Food playground 12/07/11 07:08 我和另一半都喜欢吃虾。我尤其喜欢吃好到吮手指的烧酒虾;他则特别喜欢麦片虾。最近在“吃饭皇帝大”节目中学到如何煮烧酒虾,原来并不难。我以厨房有的材料加以变化,味道还真不错。食谱如下: 材料: 虾 15个 米酒 3大匙 姜 2-3片 蒜 1-2个(拍扁) 枸杞子 2小匙 (先泡水软化) 盐 少许 方法: ⒈ 先将洗净去肠的鲜虾用盐和胡椒粉腌过。 ⒉ 在平底锅内烧热米酒。 ⒊ 待酒烧热后,加姜片和蒜片,继续烧至散发香气。 ⒋ 加枸杞子,并把虾放入。盖上盖子小火焖煮1至2分钟。 ⒌ 开盖,虾翻面,煮熟。 ⒍...

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