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Fried Bean Sprout with Egg Fried Bean Sprout with Egg By Food playground 03/31/13 19:07 This is a dish my mom always cook and also one of my favourite home cooked food. I'm not sure whether this is my mom dialect - Hakka dish but I'm sure this is a dish I eat since young. It's so simple and delicious, I can eat everyday. Ingredients: 1 pkt...
Five Spice Fried Chicken Wings Five Spice Fried Chicken Wings By Food playground 03/08/13 10:21 That day I attempted to cook Sweet & Sour Pork, it was so good just eating the deep fried pork that we finished all without the sauce. So I thought I will marinate the same way with chicken wings and deep fry. I added five spice powder thinking it will...
Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice By Food playground 03/13/12 16:59 On the same day I baked banana cake, I also cooked pineapple fried rice for my friends. This is the recipe I get my inspiration from and modified from it. Ingredients: (for 1 bowl) 2 Garlic (chopped) 3 shallot (chopped) 1 bowl of cooked rice 1 egg 2-3 rings...
Luncheon Meat Fried Rice Luncheon Meat Fried Rice By Food playground 12/07/11 06:46 对飞机餐没有太大的期望,也就没有太大的惊喜和期待。最近,坐了目前生平最长的一次飞机,来回长达56小时!一趟27小时,就吃了5次飞机餐!因为知道到了美国一定餐餐吃西餐,所以在飞机上全程选中餐或亚洲餐。其中一餐我只有两个选择:烤鸡或炒饭。乘上桌的炒饭没有其他配菜,只有杂菜和蛋炒的饭。凭卖相,本以为淡而无味,但却出乎我意料的香。我一口气吃完,这也是我在飞机上这56个小时里吃过最好吃的飞机餐! 回来后,还对SQ的炒饭念念不忘,想再重温当时的味道,所以去NTUC买了冷冻杂菜包,希望能够炒回当时的味道。(看以下食谱)...

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