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Khara Dosa Khara Dosa By Myindiarecipes 02/09/12 09:32 This is an easy and little bit different dosa. I learnt this from my aunt (Sakku aunty). It will be crispy and very spicy too. A nice variation from normal dosas. You can serve this Dosa without any chutney or sambar. My daughter has named this as Kodubale...
Chocolate MilkShake Chocolate MilkShake By Myindiarecipes 01/25/12 13:17 A chocolate milkshake recipe is a delicious treat. Simple and tasty chocolate milkshake is most loved by kids.
Rings-Fryums Masala Rings-Fryums Masala By Myindiarecipes 01/25/12 12:32 Ring Masala/Fryums Masala is an evening snack or chaat item with the crispy rings placed on the plate, filled with grated carrots and onions and then relished with sweet and green chutneys as topping.
Orange Peel Gojju Orange Peel Gojju By Myindiarecipes 01/24/12 14:31 Kittale hannu sippe/Orange Peel gojju tastes sour, tangy, spicy and sweet. It tastes great with rice or ragi balls.
Papaya Milkshake Papaya Milkshake By Myindiarecipes 01/24/12 12:17 Papaya is the most commonly found fruit in India. Papaya milkshake is very easy to prepare and healthiest milkshakes you can make.
Green Peas and Paneer Pulav Green Peas and Paneer Pulav By Myindiarecipes 01/24/12 09:16 Paneer Pulav is easy to prepare and tastes great too. Paneer Pulav is mildly spiced and is a mix of Peas, Paneer with rice. It is best for lunch box recipe. Peas and Paneer Pulav taste great with simple curds or raita.
Chickoo Milk Shake Chickoo Milk Shake By Myindiarecipes 01/23/12 13:17 Sapodilla or sapota or chickoo, is a fruit with exceptionally sweet malty flavor and is most commonly found in milkshake menu. The fresh ripe fruits tastes incredibly sweet, it can be eaten just like that or made into milkshake.
Ukkarisida Akki Rotti/ Softy Rice Roti Ukkarisida Akki Rotti/ Softy Rice Roti By Myindiarecipes 01/23/12 12:32 Akki roti is Karnataka\'s Speciality Recipe. Akki roti is best for breakfast. Ukkarisida akki roti is very very soft and goes well with any type of chutney.
Orange Peel/Orange Zest Chutney Orange Peel/Orange Zest Chutney By Myindiarecipes 01/19/12 08:46 Oranges are the most commonly grown fruit in the world. Grated Orange Peel commonly known as orange zest, is added to foods for flavoring. Try this delicious orange peel chutney which goes well with dosa, chapati or roti.
Dairy Free Eggless Orange Cake Dairy Free Eggless Orange Cake By Myindiarecipes 01/18/12 09:31 Orange cake is a simple flavorful dairy-free cake. It is perfect snack for kids. Try this delicious eggless orange cake.
Kasi Soppu Haalu Saaru Kasi Soppu Haalu Saaru By Myindiarecipes 01/17/12 12:03 Kasi Soppu is also called Ganike soppu. This is a fresh green leaves with blue or red berries. You can make chutney or thambuli or curries from this soppu. Kasi soppu haalu saaru taste great with ragi balls or steaming rice.
Carrot palya/ Carrot fry Carrot palya/ Carrot fry By Myindiarecipes 01/16/12 11:46 Carrot Palya is a simple side dish prepared in karnataka. Carrot Palya goes well with Rice and sambar. Carrot Palya can also be served with chapati/roti.
Adai Dosa Adai Dosa By Myindiarecipes 01/16/12 11:31 Adai Dosa is a nutritious rich dosa, a very simple and tasty. I prepare very often as my daughter loves it, she call it a protein dosa.
Avarekalu Akki Rotti Avarekalu Akki Rotti By Myindiarecipes 01/16/12 11:16 Akki Rotti is a yummy breakfast prepared mainly in South Kranataka. Different varieties of akki rotti\'s are prepared. Among them Avarekalu Akki Rotti is a special Rotti.
Moong Dal Roast/ Hesaru bele Moong Dal Roast/ Hesaru bele By Myindiarecipes 01/16/12 09:47 Moong Dal Roast a simple snack prepared using microwave. Usually we buy Moong dal roast from stores but i tried it doing at home and sharing with you all.....
Ellu Bella - Sankranti Ellu Bella - Sankranti By Myindiarecipes 01/14/12 15:16 The celebrations of Makar Sankranti in Karnataka is marked by preparing and distributing \"ellu-bella\" (ಎಳ್ಳು ಬೆಲ್ಲ)and Sakkare-achhu (sugar candy molds) to friends and relatives. People greet with the words \" Ellu bella thindu, Olle Maathu Aadu\", meaning...
Eggless Pineapple Cake Eggless Pineapple Cake By Myindiarecipes 01/13/12 12:01 Eggless Pineapple Cake tastes yummy and delicious.It is an extremely moist cake and very easy to prepare.
Kalu Huli Kalu Huli By Myindiarecipes 01/09/12 08:46 Sambar/Huli is a thicker version of rasam added with vegetables to it. In Karnataka we call it Huli and it is called Sambar in other southern states of India. Kalu huli goes well with steaming rice or ragi balls.
Strawberry MilkShake Strawberry MilkShake By Myindiarecipes 01/09/12 08:16 Strawberry MilkShake is a delicious recipe from red, ripe strawberries. Try and make this yummy strawberry milkshake for your kids.
Sakkare Achchu - Step by Step Video Procedure Sakkare Achchu - Step by Step Video Procedure By Myindiarecipes 01/05/12 18:01 Sakkare acchu meaning sugar figures in various shapes, a Traditional Sankranti recipe. Ellu-bella and sakkare achchu are prepared for Sankranti festival and its distributed to all relatives,neighbours and friends.


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