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Shaked n Baked Shaked n Baked By Suburbhomestead's Blog 12/18/14 02:50 How many times have you gone to the cupboard and swore that you had a box of oven breading? Now what? This recipe is for you. Never again be a slave to a box. You can do without it. Also tons of flavor options to never be a boring answer to the dinner question.
Master Baking Mix Master Baking Mix By Suburbhomestead's Blog 12/14/14 21:04 Master Baking Mix 6 cups all-purpose flour (swap out any portion of this with whole wheat flour) 3 Tablespoons baking powder (see DIY recipe below) 1 Tablespoon baking soda 3 Tablespoons sugar 1… Continue reading →
Shaker Chicken Soup Shaker Chicken Soup By Suburbhomestead's Blog 12/03/14 17:33 Shaker Chicken Soup A soup to replace canned, simple, tasty, and comforting. Everything you need to feel better. 6 and 1/2 cups chicken bone broth and stock 2 tablespoons sweet vermouth 4 tablespoons… Continue reading →
Beef Bourguignon a Sunday Dinner Beef Bourguignon a Sunday Dinner By Suburbhomestead's Blog 12/01/14 02:47 This is a shortened version for the weekend cook. Serve with a toasted baguette, crisp salad, radishes sliced thin with butter, and more wine. Only cook with the wine you will be drinking with no exceptions. Add mushrooms sauteed in butter and fresh thyme...
Happy Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving By Suburbhomestead's Blog 11/28/14 13:45 Happy Thanksgiving! Crock-pot Potato Soup 8 to 12 Red Potatoes and Yukon gold potatoes, diced 8 slices of Bacon, fried and crumbled 3/4 of a Large onion, chopped 1 quart hot Water… Continue reading →
Hot Chocolate Crack Hot Chocolate Crack By Suburbhomestead's Blog 11/20/14 06:45 Hot Chocolate Crack Base Makes 2 generous cups ganache (enough for 2 dozen+ mugs of hot cocoa). This makes a light ganache a 1:1 ratio, scoop-able straight from the fridge. For firm… Continue reading →
Chili Wisconsin Style Chili Wisconsin Style By Suburbhomestead's Blog 11/19/14 21:24 As the weather turns cold and I remember growing up in Milwaukee, I will never forget the chili at George Webb’s. My friends and I would ride the city bus routes from school.… Continue reading →
Chile Powder Chile Powder By Suburbhomestead's Blog 11/19/14 21:18 Makes about 1 cup of powder, depending on the size of the chiles 8 dried Pasilla / Ancho chiles 1 dried Mulato 1 dried Anaheim 2 tablespoons cumin seeds, toasted 2 tablespoons garlic… Continue reading →
Cajun Rasta Pasta Cajun Rasta Pasta By Suburbhomestead's Blog 11/13/14 19:53 A New Orleans flavor meets weeknight simplicity, and surprising speed. Served with a salad and garlic bread, dinner is done. Faster than noodle mixes with real flavor.
November Rememberings November Rememberings By Suburbhomestead's Blog 11/13/14 19:13 The wintry winds of the Witch of November have begun to blow in Wisconsin. Raging across the wide expanses like wolves on the hunt. A bone chilling ache settles deep inside calling memories… Continue reading →
Organic Almond Bread Organic Almond Bread By Suburbhomestead's Blog 11/13/14 18:55 Originally posted on Heidie Makes: I love to use ground almonds in baking, this bread is the most amazing thing that I have made for a long time! It was so moist and…
Lemon Ginger Honey Syrup Lemon Ginger Honey Syrup By Suburbhomestead's Blog 11/12/14 19:38 It is a great substitute for cough syrup. If you’re not getting fresh lemons into your diet,... you may want to reconsider after reading the many health benefits of lemons, lemon juice, pith (the white part), or zest (skin).
Queen Maud Mousse / Dronning Maud Fromasj Queen Maud Mousse / Dronning Maud Fromasj By Suburbhomestead's Blog 11/09/14 06:10 Originally posted on RecipeReminiscing: A classic dessert recipe found on Queen Maud mousse or pudding is named in honour of Norway’s former queen, married to King Olav. The dessert is also called…
Chex Mix in the Crockpot Chex Mix in the Crockpot By Suburbhomestead's Blog 11/07/14 20:57 Did you know that your favorite homemade Chex Mix recipe can be made in the slow cooker? Give it a try! Great while working on other projects.
Harvest Haystacks Harvest Haystacks By Suburbhomestead's Blog 11/02/14 06:37 Harvest Haystacks A Traditional community meal found at large Amish or Mennonite gatherings in the area. A line is setup to serve each part of this all in one meal. I have condensed… Continue reading →
50 shades of Garlic 50 shades of Garlic By Suburbhomestead's Blog 10/21/14 23:29 There is an easier and cheaper way. Make your own jarred minced garlic from dehydrated garlic, salt, hot water, olive oil and citric acid.
Homemade Granola Bars Homemade Granola Bars By Suburbhomestead's Blog 10/15/14 20:34 Easy Four-Ingredient Homemade Granola Bars 2 Cups rolled oats 1/2 Cup honey 1/2 Cup dark brown sugar 1 stick butter, softened Preheat oven to 425° degrees. Combine all the ingredients above and mix… Continue reading →
Ridiculously Easy Potato Soup Ridiculously Easy Potato Soup By Suburbhomestead's Blog 10/05/14 05:12 Hate to peel potatoes and wait hours for a smooth creamy, rib sticking potato soup? How about a thirty minute meal that will leave you looking like you slaved all day over a hot stove? Guilty as charged, officer. This delivers on all counts. Add Cheese...
Last of the Tomatoes Last of the Tomatoes By Suburbhomestead's Blog 10/04/14 11:34 First Frost hit Last night so culled the last of the tomatoes fall is officially here.
Mexican Rice Mexican Rice By Suburbhomestead's Blog 09/25/14 19:55 Mexican Rice Ingredients 3 Tbsp. vegetable oil 1 cup long grain rice, uncooked 1 tsp. fresh minced garlic 1/2 tsp. kosher salt 1/2 tsp. cumin 1/2 c. tomato sauce 1 (14 oz) can… Continue reading →

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