Be My Valentine recipe challenge

Please enjoy and share! :-)

Welcome to the 3rd recipe challenge organized on Very Good Recipes!

The theme for this challenge has been selected by 10 food bloggers who have kindly accepted to be the judges for the challenge. Each judge is also presenting his or her own recipe of the theme they selected. The judges will select the winners at the end of the challenge (and of course they cannot win).

The Judges

The judges for this month are:

Thanks a lot to the food bloggers who volunteered to become judges! The judges change every month, so there will be an opportunity to be a judge for all the bloggers who want it. Please e-mail me if you would like to become a judge for an upcoming challenge.


This month theme is: Be My Valentine.

There are many ways to express your love to your loved ones, and cooking is definitively one of them!

Valentine's Day is on February 14th, but you have almost all month (until February 27th) to participate in the Be My Valentine challenge. To make it more of a challenge, the judges added an extra rule: your dish needs to include something Red, the color of Love!


The challenge is open to everyone, whether you have a food blog or not.

In order to participate, you need to enter a recipe on the theme "Be My Valentine", with something Red in your dish.

  • If you have a food blog registered on Very Good Recipes, you just need to publish your recipe on your blog with a link to the challenge page in the text of your recipe. It will then be automatically listed on this page. (if you don't see it after 30 minutes, please e-mail me)
  • If you have a food blog (or a blog with a recipe category or label) but are not yet registered on Very Good Recipes, you can register in 30 seconds.
  • If you do not have a blog, you can participate by sending me your recipe with one or more pictures. I will publish your recipe on Very Good Recipe's blog so that it can be displayed on the challenge page.


  • There must be at least one picture in your recipe, and both the recipe and picture need to be your own. If your recipe is inspired by another, please mention it in your recipe.
  • You cannot use an already published recipe to participate in the challenge, you need to publish a new recipe (otherwise there's no challenge!)
  • We would love to have participations from all around the world, including from blogs in languages other than English. Please do include an English translation of your recipe in your post though. :-) If you need help with the translation (proofreading etc.), we will be glad to help if we can.
  • You can participate with only one recipe.

You can participate from Friday February 3rd 2012 until Monday February 27th 2012 included.


The judges will select the winning recipes.

1st place

For this challenge, I wanted to offer something truly special and unique, something that would be tailor made for the winner. So I asked Poppy who is both a talented food blogger and a professional illustrator to draw an illustration for the winner. Once the results are known, Poppy will draw a surprise illustration inspired by the winning recipe and/or the winner's blog.

Here are some sample illustrations from Poppy. The winner will receive a similar one, made just for her or him!

Can you guess what the man and woman are thinking in the last drawing? (answer a bit below! :-)

Laurels and badge

All the participants will receive a badge with laurels that will be displayed on Very Good Recipes (on their page and in the huge list of food blogs). You can also display it on your blog or your challenge recipe if you want to.

Feel free to add the badge to your recipe (HTML code below):

<div style="text-align:center;">
<img src="" width="90" height="120" />
<a href="">Be My Valentine Challenge</a><br />
on <a href="">Very Good Recipes</a>

Winners will get gold, silver and bronze laurels.

If your recipe is heart-shaped, you can also participate in the Valentine Hearts project until February 14th!


In the last illustration, he is thinking "She's so beautiful!" and she is thinking "My cake is so beautiful!". :-)

Have fun!

Thanks a lot to the judges for making this challenge possible!

I hope you will enjoy the challenge and that many of you will participate! Have fun!


Thanks a lot for submitting so many wonderful Valentine recipes!

The judges have chosen the Chocolate Brownie Cream Cheese Sandwich from Rosh of Chef Al Dente. Congratulations Rosh!

Valentine's Special: Chocolate Brownie Cream Cheese Sandwich
Valentine's Special: Chocolate Brownie Cream Cheese Sandwich
By Chef Al dente

I would also like to mention the runner-ups:

Blancmange with strawberries
Blancmange with strawberries
By Bake-a-mania
Pomegranate cranberry hearts
Pomegranate cranberry hearts
By spabettie
Cuore di formaggio salato - Savory heart cheese
Cuore di formaggio salato - Savory heart cheese

Thank you everyone! You can now participate in the March recipe challenge, the Saint-Patrick's Day Recipe Challenge.

There are 73 Be My Valentine Challenge recipes on Very Good Recipes.
Do you like be my valentine challenge recipes?

Merci !

Click on the title of a recipe or the photo of a dish to read the full recipe on its author's blog.

Cheesy Tomato Egg Bake Cheesy Tomato Egg Bake By Bake-a-mania 08/03/12 07:20 Try this heady combination of potatoes, tomatoes, melted mozzarella cheese and eggs all baked together for an absolute explosion of taste and flavors. I have used Marinara Sauce. for layering with my potatoes and cheese which goes extremely well together....
Easy Mughlai Chicken Easy Mughlai Chicken By Bake-a-mania 08/01/12 19:44 Just finished making Mughlai Chicken for dinner today. This is an extremely easy no-nonsense recipe which can be prepared in a jiffy and tastes great too. Unlike the traditional way of cooking Mughlai chicken, this recipe does not require cashew paste or...
Mango Cake Mango Cake By Bake-a-mania 08/01/12 16:32 I haven't come across a single person yet, who does not enjoy the heavenly flavor of this absolutely divine fruit - Mango. We all too have thoroughly enjoyed devouring mangoes in this season in every possible way - Mango milk shakes, Mango yogurt, Mango...
Baked Alaska Baked Alaska By Bake-a-mania 07/30/12 17:13 For some reason I have always been intimidated by this dessert. Making Baked Alaska has been on my wish-list for a long-long time. Its something that I have been planning - in fact, dreaming of making but actually never had the courage to do so. Every time...
Quiche Lorraine Quiche Lorraine By Bake-a-mania 07/30/12 08:03 This classic Quiche Lorraine is a pure celebration in itself. Filled with salami, cheese, tomatoes and onions this pie is enough to tantalize anyone's taste buds. Though thought to be the quintessential of French cuisine, it actually originated in Germany...
Stir Fried Lamb in Black Bean Sauce Stir Fried Lamb in Black Bean Sauce By Bake-a-mania 07/26/12 13:02 As a family we all love Chinese food and because of the unanimous liking for this cuisine I love to try my hand at making it. I find cooking Chinese food very quick and easy to make . To save time, I usually plan in advance and prep my veggies a day ahead...
Stuffed Egg Parantha Stuffed Egg Parantha By Bake-a-mania 07/25/12 15:22 Stuffed with egg and mozzarella cheese, this parantha literally melts in your mouth. Different from the usual stuffed paranthas, the kids would absolutely love the cheese filling. This also is a great healthy option to send in the kids lunchboxes. Ingredients...
Low Fat Mayonnaise Low Fat Mayonnaise By Bake-a-mania 07/23/12 21:17 Whenever I think of Mayonnaise, it always reminds me of loads of calories !! It is that necessary evil which you just can't do without. But can anyone deny the fact that this humble m ayonnaise can add excitement to even the dullest of dishes and can adapt...
Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes By Bake-a-mania 07/23/12 10:29 "What Makes Life so Sweet? Cupcakes to eat and Someone to Love." ~ Marie Williams Johnstone I have finally found the recipe for the perfect cupcakes and just can't wait to share it with you. The best part about them is that this recipe uses oil instead...
Stir Fried Garlicky Beans Stir Fried Garlicky Beans By Bake-a-mania 07/23/12 07:19 Monday is here and the mad rush has begun. I just dread Mondays - Tiffin to be made for the kids, lunchbox for hubby dear, dusting to be done, clothes to be washed - the list just seems endless. On such days, wouldn't you just love to have something up...
Corn and Cheese Scones Corn and Cheese Scones By Bake-a-mania 07/20/12 13:38 A hot cup of tea and a plate of Scones - doesn't it sound so delightfully English. Growing up on a staple diet of Enid Blyton's, I always wondered as a child how the food mentioned in these books would taste and look like. Whenever I read these books the...
Make your own Pasta from scratch Make your own Pasta from scratch By Bake-a-mania 07/19/12 15:22 Today my work is cut out for me. I have decided to make pasta at home right from scratch. Till now, I have bought pasta from the stores but today I feel like being different. I had planned to make Chicken Strogannoff for dinner but have run out of boxed...
My Blog Anniversary My Blog Anniversary By Bake-a-mania 07/19/12 10:57 30 days, 35 posts, will I be able to reach my mark? It sure is a race against time. Right now it seems a Herculean task, but I am surely going to give it my best shot. Last year when I started my blog, I promised myself that I would do atleast 100 posts...
Chicken Fajitas Chicken Fajitas By Bake-a-mania 07/18/12 20:21 Another showstopper on our dinner table, this is something that I just love to make again and again. I remember I got the first taste of them in a Mediterranean restaurant and since then have just been hooked to them. Its an absolutely no-fuss food which...
Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Chocolate Banana Cream Pie By Bake-a-mania 07/17/12 11:03 "Easy as a pie" - This phrase surely does hold true for this lusciously-sumptuous-dreamy Banana Cream Pie. Don't believe me - try it out for yourself !!! Ingredients For the crust 2 cups digestive biscuit crumbs 4 tbsp unsalted butter,melted 1 tsp sugar...
Baked Pasta with Marinara Sauce Baked Pasta with Marinara Sauce By Bake-a-mania 07/17/12 07:50 "What's for dinner mom ?" This is a perennial question that I am forever faced with in my house. Somehow, I never remember myself to be ever this fussy about food as a kid. (But again, maybe my mom would have a different story to tell !!). So, "Hats off"...
Cheezy chicken Cheezy chicken By Bake-a-mania 07/07/12 21:17 I am all geared up and excited to join this month's Mom's crazy cooking challenge after a gap of three whole months. This simple recipe is adapted from lawstudentcook's Cheez-it Chicken with a little bit of my own twist. I have always used either breadcrumbs...
Keema (minced meat) and Macaroni Bake Keema (minced meat) and Macaroni Bake By Bake-a-mania 07/05/12 15:36 Its keema and macaroni on the menu today. I can already imagine the excitement on the dining table as it is a huge favorite of my hubby and two kids. I think, the combination of minced meat with the white sauce, served hot with the melting mozzarella cheese...
Make your own Subway Sandwich Make your own Subway Sandwich By Bake-a-mania 07/02/12 20:58 Lots of people love Subway sandwiches (at least everyone in my family does). They're delicious, healthy and you can choose the filling that you like. However, instead of driving to the restaurant and spending money on sandwiches made by someone else, go...
Cookbook Series: Paneer in Quick White Gravy Cookbook Series: Paneer in Quick White Gravy By Chef Al dente 04/08/12 09:01 One of those odd nights when I had to cook dinner for myself - which literally translates into 'I can cook anything I want without worrying about how it will turn out'. But I wasn't in the mood for any elaborate culinary experiments. So I pulled out one...

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