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Brownies with German Chocolate Cake Frosting (Amazing Fudgy German Chocolate Brownies) Brownies with German Chocolate Cake Frosting (Amazing Fudgy German Chocolate Brownies) By Jasey's Crazy Daisy 07/08/13 22:59 Sometimes you need a fabulous dessert but don't know where to begin - trust me, start here with these Brownies with German Chocolate Frosting. I totally get it, I've been there when I didn't have the time to put together my favorite homemade recipe and...
Double Stuff Brownies {Cousins To The Oreo} Double Stuff Brownies {Cousins To The Oreo} By Jasey's Crazy Daisy 05/06/13 12:00 My family is crazy about Oreo cookies, not only my kids and husband, but cousins, aunts, and uncles. I don't know about you, but my favorites are the Double Stuf and Cool Mint ones ~now those are heaven. The cream is actually my favorite part, unless I...
Tagalong Brownie Cookie Bars {Tagalong Brookies} Tagalong Brownie Cookie Bars {Tagalong Brookies} By Jasey's Crazy Daisy 03/18/13 11:00 Peanut butter and chocolate. And brownies. And Girl Scout Cookies. What do all these have in common? Classics. They are all classics. They belong together. Like peanut butter and jelly, only chocolate. Right? They were made to be together. Simply fabulous....
Twix Brownies {Who'd have thought Twix could get any better?} Twix Brownies {Who'd have thought Twix could get any better?} By Jasey's Crazy Daisy 03/07/12 00:47 Brownies, again?!?! Yes, I know I have a problem! I cannot help myself. But really, I have been thinking about this particular brownie for quite some time now. You ask if there was anything wrong with Twix candy bars before they met the brownie. Not really,...
Snickers Brownies Snickers Brownies By Jasey's Crazy Daisy 02/29/12 02:59 Brownies, obviously I have a thing for brownies. Or, rather for taking my favorite treats and twisting them into brownies. This time brownies meet Snickers, complete with, peanut nougat center, caramel, and chocolate candy bar topping. Go ahead and make...
Snickers Brownies Recipe Update Snickers Brownies Recipe Update By Jasey's Crazy Daisy 02/21/12 22:44 This recipe has been updated with an easier, probably safer way to prepare the caramel layer. Click here for the latest version. Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner
Samoa Brownie Cookie Bars Samoa Brownie Cookie Bars By Jasey's Crazy Daisy 11/09/11 21:01 These are so yummy.... they're kind of like those Girl Scout Samoa Cookies, with their shortbread cookie crust, gooey coconut caramel topping and chocolate drizzle, but these naughty little bars sneak in a delightful layer of brownies. Almost like German...
Chocolate Chocolate By Jasey's Crazy Daisy 08/29/11 18:45 One summer afternoon, long ago when I was a little girl, I remember baking zucchini brownies with my aunt thinking, "Is she seriously going to put that green stuff in our brownies?!?!?!" They baked. They cooled. We tasted, I thought, "Are these the same...

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