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#400 Crown Roast of Lamb #400 Crown Roast of Lamb By Neil Cooks Grigson 01/01/15 22:25 Well, well, well. Here we are at #400! Who would have thought I’d get this far? I’ve chosen this classic piece of meat sculpture for this milestone as it is such a special thing, and hardly seen these days. Plus, doing it Jane’s way means you don’t simply...
#365 Roast Venison with Norwegian Goat's Cheese Sauce #365 Roast Venison with Norwegian Goat's Cheese Sauce By Neil Cooks Grigson 01/01/13 16:59 Venison is, of course, the king of all game, though being a wild animal, you do get a lot of variation in the tenderness of meat; it can be wonderfully tender or tough as old boots. A good roasting joint for venison is haunch as it is a more tender cut....
#353 Roast Rack of Lamb with Laverbread #353 Roast Rack of Lamb with Laverbread By Neil Cooks Grigson 09/12/12 17:20 A second post involving the Welsh speciality laverbread; a deep green gelatinous sauce made from well-stewed seaweed known locally as laver (see the previous post). I still had some left over for this recipe which I made for my friend Charlotte – a veteran...
#347 Sawce Noyre for Roast Capon #347 Sawce Noyre for Roast Capon By Neil Cooks Grigson 07/21/12 05:55 This recipe for black sauce was popular all over Europe in the Middle Ages with many variations and alternative names like sauce infernal. They all use fried and ground livers as a base. In England it was served up with roast meat; capon in this case was...
Griggers advises us on what to eat with roast lamb Griggers advises us on what to eat with roast lamb By Neil Cooks Grigson 08/14/11 03:46 The next recipe from English Food will be roast lamb. Not as popular as it was as a roast meat these days, but easy to come by. Jane Grigson in her wisdom gives us a list: 'Things to go with Roast Lamb'. I thought I'd give the list in full. Hopefully as...
#290 Roast Pork with Crackling and Baked Apples #290 Roast Pork with Crackling and Baked Apples By Neil Cooks Grigson 05/07/11 05:36 Man's relationship with pigs goes back several thousand years. Acorn-eating wild boar were slowly tamed in European forests to become the slightly tamer proto-pig utilized by the Spanish, French and Greece. Swineherds had the unlucky job of attempting manage...

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