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Black Pepper Pork Belly Black Pepper Pork Belly By No-Frills Recipes 04/29/13 08:22 I made this porky dish over the weekend. The meat was tasty and tender and it fell apart easily. You can serve this with rice or on a bed of noodles or just with plain bread. It's finger licking good! Recipe for Black Pepper Pork Belly Ingredients 650 gm...
Palm sugar braised pork belly Palm sugar braised pork belly By No-Frills Recipes 07/16/12 15:48 More often than not, palm sugar is normally used to make sweet desserts and seldom is it used in a dish. Always willing to experiment and try out new recipes, I used palm sugar in this braised pork dish and it wasn't a disappointment. Please continue reading...
Braised pork belly with Belimbing Braised pork belly with Belimbing By No-Frills Recipes 05/10/12 16:06 B elimbing ~ Averrhoa Bilimbi is a greenish, mini fruit which has a very sour taste and can be eaten raw with some sambal belacan, a shrimp paste chilli dip, used in curries or cooked like how I did. I remember this tree in my grandma's backyard long, long...
Braised pork belly Braised pork belly By No-Frills Recipes 11/14/11 04:02 This is a very simple porky dish. I just braised it with some spice, garlic, soya sauces and it turned out quite tasty. Should have added in some hard boiled eggs but forgotten all about it after I left it to simmer and attended to other chores. Nonetheless,...
Tangy Pork Belly Tangy Pork Belly By No-Frills Recipes 08/11/11 05:58 This porky dish tastes and resembles somewhat like 'char siew' or BBQ pork except that it's got a slightly tangy taste and I find it rather unique. The tangy taste comes from the effect of adding tamarind aka Assam Jawa and other sauces into the meat. This...
Soy braised pork belly Soy braised pork belly By No-Frills Recipes 06/08/11 11:24 As mentioned in my 'Steamed Mantou ~ Flower Bun' post, this is the soy braised pork belly that I whipped up to pair with the steamed buns. I had made this a day before and over time the meat mellowed and it was so soft and tasty the next day. This meat...

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