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Chicken in Glutinous Rice Wine Chicken in Glutinous Rice Wine By No-Frills Recipes 09/30/13 05:11 This Chicken in Glutinous Rice Wine dish is an essential soup for women recovering from after childbirth, taken after the twelve day of delivery. Usually a home-brew, this rice wine uses glutinous rice and Chinese yeast cake and left to ferment in an air-tight...
Sweet Potato Rice Sweet Potato Rice By No-Frills Recipes 06/06/13 04:38 It's one of those evenings when I'm too lazy to crack my brain over what to cook for dinner and to make life more relaxing, I whipped up this one-dish meal. It has carbohydrates, protein and adding sweet potatoes to our diet is beneficial too for these...
Stir-fry Shanghai Rice Cake Stir-fry Shanghai Rice Cake By No-Frills Recipes 04/22/13 08:21 I like to bite into these chewy rice cakes and I never fail to order this whenever I dine in a Shanghai/Szechuan restaurant. As I managed to get this from the Asian Grocers on my last trip I didn't hesitate to whip this simple yet delicious stir-fry! Incidentally,...
Black Glutinous Rice Chiffon Cake Black Glutinous Rice Chiffon Cake By No-Frills Recipes 10/18/12 05:20 B lack glutinous rice chiffon cake has been on my 'to-do' list for quite a while. Well, I finally managed to make it using a recipe from Anncoo Journal but have adjusted the recipe to fit my 23 cm chiffon pan. Please continue reading >>
Steamed rice cakes with red bean Steamed rice cakes with red bean By No-Frills Recipes 08/02/12 17:37 I adapted a recipe from Christine's Recipes to make these cute little steamed 'woon chai ko' with red bean. However, I tweaked the recipe a bit by using palm sugar instead of brown sugar. Please continue reading >>
Rice cooker chicken rice Rice cooker chicken rice By No-Frills Recipes 06/10/12 19:23 This is what I cooked for the weekend. An easy super duper all-in-one dish accompanied with a vegetable soup on the side. I was just too lazy to whip up any other dishes as the weather is so super hot and humid these days and my brain cells couldn't function...
Sweet and savoury steamed rice cake Sweet and savoury steamed rice cake By No-Frills Recipes 05/14/12 10:59 I've been hunting for a recipe of Steamed rice cake, which is eaten with palm sugar/gula melaka and garlic oil. Think it may be a Hakka kuih but I'm not quite sure. Stumbled upon Christine's post of Steamed rice cup cakes with red beans and it came quite...

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