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Breads | Parmesan Pesto Rolls Breads | Parmesan Pesto Rolls By The Backyard Baker 04/13/14 05:10 If you like your bread warm.....look no further !!! This is heaven !!! Pesto Rolls are delicately fragrant with the basil and garlic and the tartness of parmesan !! Best served warm.... actually just of out-the-oven warm :-) I get very touchy about my breads....hence...
Pesto Caprese French Bread Pizza for #WeekdaySupper Pesto Caprese French Bread Pizza for #WeekdaySupper By Shockingly Delicious 03/26/14 09:53 A smear of pesto, a layering of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, a quick pass through the oven and you have Pesto Caprese French Bread Pizza!
Broccoli Pesto Stuffed Braided Bread (Yeast Free) Broccoli Pesto Stuffed Braided Bread (Yeast Free) By Scratching Canvas 01/30/14 05:33 Who doesn’t want a fit flexible good looking body? We all will raise our hands. If the second question be, who wants to only eat healthy all year long to achieve that? Only few will raise our hands, I’m sure. At least I belong to the second category. Like...
Roast Lamb with Bread Crust and Pesto Roast Lamb with Bread Crust and Pesto By Dos Gatos Kitchen 04/28/13 17:33 I’ve made this dish for the birthday of my elder daughter in March. We’ve hosted the close family (15 people) and my goal was to create a special meat dish. So, my husband was sent to our butcher and was asked to bring home lamb meat. The recipe was influenced...
Sun dried Tomato Pesto Pull apart Bread - We knead to bake # 1 Sun dried Tomato Pesto Pull apart Bread - We knead to bake # 1 By Cooking is divine 01/24/13 19:41 Hello everybody, Hope you are all in good health, good mood so we can talk about good food !!. Here I am with a good and yummy bread just baked for the ''Knead to bake'', This is totally apt for me, if you are my regular reader you would know about my love...
Roasted veg with pesto and fried bread Roasted veg with pesto and fried bread By Out of the Ordinary 05/18/12 15:47 I was so pleased with this meal! It seemed so summery. It felt as if all the vegetables were getting along, like a good family should. The cauliflower and potatoes were roasted, because that suited them best. The zucchini was … Continue reading →
Oats & Whole meal Italian Pesto Bread Oats & Whole meal Italian Pesto Bread By Cooking is divine 03/21/12 00:59 Had a very tensed day today.., so I was really not planning to post anything at all, I have been baking breads this week I have already baked breads thrice!, This was my 3 rd bread and I baked it yesterday, I was not really into it, as I told in my earlier...
Artisan Style Pesto Bread Artisan Style Pesto Bread By Kitchenkemistry 02/09/12 05:40 This bread whether skilfully crafted or candidly prepared has great flavour and superior texture to any store bought breads. You need a little patience while it bakes because of it’s tempting aroma when in the oven. Free of preservatives and with fresh...
Seaweed With Pesto Bread Loaf Seaweed With Pesto Bread Loaf By My Little Space 10/12/11 18:03 Hey, it's World Bread Day 2011! Last year I've contributed something fun (here). This year I'm going to contribute another fun flavour bread for the special day and of course, healthy as well. Seaweed is so popular all around Asia and it's such a nutritious...
Pesto Bread with a Twist Pesto Bread with a Twist By ping's pickings 09/20/11 14:00 And I do mean twist. More swirls. I'm in a twirly, whirly, you-are-under-my-power hypnotic swirl mood. Bear with me and my moods. I'm a woman, I'm allowed the mood swings. This is a post using the recipes of 2 of my closest blogging buddies, Elisabeth @...

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